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Audio/Video Cables

Audio / Video Cables from TPI. Fully shielded high flex DVI, HDMI, RCA with gold plated connectors to meet a full range of A/V needs.

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F-Series Coax Cable Assemblies

F-series coax cable assemblies with screw-on ends for broadband applications, including video and cable television. UL listed cable RG-6 Molded ends Screw-on F-type connectors Multiple lengths up to 100 feet Available in black or white Individually bagged

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BNC to BNC Coax Cable Assemblies

50 Ohm, 75 Ohm, 93 Ohm. TPI BNC to BNC coax cable assemblies include: RG58/U (molded and assembled), RG59/U and RG62/U.. UL listed cable Boot is molded to cable connector for added strength Gold center pins Machined brass connectors 95%…

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TPI-5000A Universal Cables & Connectors Kit

TPI-5000A Universal Cables & Connector Kit. Technicians and engineers turn to TPI for their connecting needs. With the TPI-3000A and TPI-5000A kits, technicians can create connections on the spot in seconds. Includes 11 types of connectors for male and female…

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