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DC711 Flue Gas Analyzer. Designed to meet the needs of the busiest Combustion Engineer and Installer.

The Best of Both Worlds.

  • Easy to Use, Durable & Affordable!
  • Domestic or Commercial
  • Upgradeable to include NOx sensor
  • Multiple Fuel Options
  • Hold, Save, Print & Send
  • Clear, Easy to Read Screen
  • Easy to Navigate Menu System
  • Pressure & Tightness Test feature
  • Differential Temperature for Flow & Return or Radiator Balancing

Kit Options detailed below:

DC711 Base Kit $995.00 USA Suggested List Price
DC711N $1,295.00 USA Suggested List Price
DC711HC $1,295.00 USA Suggested List Price
DC711NHC $1,495.00 USA Suggested List Price

DC711 Specifications
Operating Temperature Range14°F to +122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
Battery / Battery LifeLi-ion 3.7V / > 6 Hours
Charger InputUSB “C” type
FuelsNatural Gas, LPG, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Bituminous Coal, Anthracite Coal, Coke, Butane, Wood, Bagasse
Pressure Rangesmbar, psi, inH2O, mmH2O, kPa, hPa, inHg, mmHg, mH2O
DisplayBacklit Graphic LCD
Data Storage100 sets of readings (30 sets for CO Build Up), multiple pages
Time and Date24 Hour Real Time Clock
Dimensions7.28” (185mm) x 4.92” (125mm) x 2.56” (65mm)
Weight1.83lbs (830g)
Conforms toEN50379 : Parts 1-3
Flue Temperature Probe
ConstructionPistol Grip with Stainless Steel Shaft
Hose Length8.2’ (2500mm)
Insertion Length7.9” (200mm)
‘K’ Type Thermocouple Accuracy+/- 0.3% of fullscale, +/- 2°F (1°C)
Maximum Temperature1472°F (800°C)
Oxygen0-25%0.1%+/- 0.3%
Carbon Monoxide (low)0-10,000 ppm1 ppm(
(>=100ppm) +/- 5%
Carbon Monoxide (high)*0-100,000 ppm0.001%>10,000ppm: +/- 10%
Nitric Oxide *0-5000ppm1 ppm+/- 5ppm (
+/- 5% (
+/- 10% (>1000ppm)
Carbon Dioxide0-25%0.1%Calculated
CO/CO2 Ratio0-0.9990.001Calculated
Combustion Efficiency0-100%0.1%Calculated
* if fitted
Pressure Measurement
Selectable Rangesmbar, psi, inH2O, mmH2O, kPa, hPa, inHg, mmHg, mH2O
Range– 150 mbar to + 150 mbar
-15 kPa to + 15 kPa
-60 inH2O to 60 inH2O
Resolution0.001 mbar (0~9.999 mbar)
0.01 mbar (10.00~149.99 mbar)
Accuracy+/- 0.5 mbar FSD
Temperature Measurement
Input TypeK-Type thermocouple
Range-58°F to 1832°F (-50°C to 1000°C)*
Resolution1°F (1°C)
Accuracy+/- (0.3% of rdg + 2°F) or +/- (0.3% of rdg + 1°C)

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