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Flexflair Leak Proof Flare Fittings
Flexflair Leak Proof Flare Fittings

Flexflair Leak Proof Flare Fittings for Split Systems. In spite of every effort by the HVAC technician to ensure a leak proof connection, standard flare connections often leak over time. The leaks occur due to improper flaring, when replacing a flare connection, or vibrations on the system, just to name a few.

Ensure leak free connections (especially for R410a) with the Flexflair series patented flare connector. The Flexflair series flare connector utilizes a renewable copper trumpet ring and a stainless steel core, which eliminates deformities or cracks that occur when traditional standard copper tube is flared.

  • Reliable: don’t have call backs for leaks, especially 410A and high pressure refrigerants.
  • Easy to use: don’t have to make a double flare.
  • Save time and money: eliminates the time and trouble of the double flare.
  • Reusable Connection: easy component change out with replaceable trumpet ring.

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Flexflair Data Sheet

USA Suggested List Price: See Tab Below

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Reliable and Easy to Use

The unique construction of the Flexflair series flare adapter avoids tension and force on the “flare-connection.” By simply replacing the copper trumpet ring after component change-out the Flexflair series flare connector can be used over and over with leak proof results. Use with Mini-Split and ductless split system installations.

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Trumpet Rings


Flexflair Leak Proof Flare Fittings Features

  • Renewable copper trumpet ring
  • Stainless steel reinforced SAE core
  • Heavy duty oversized nut
  • Frost grooves
  • Tight tolerances
  • Swaged copper
  • Reliable connection change from flare into renewable copper trumpet ring
  • High tightness degree
  • Easy and fast component replacement (the copper seal must always be renewed)
  • The use of frost grooves allows application in wet environments
  • Copper/copper brazing with low silver
  • Easy and clean brazing
 Flexflair Fittings Pricing
 Part Number  Suggested List Price
 FA-2  $4.95
 FA-3  $6.95
 FA-3X2  $7.95
 FA-4  $9.95
 FA-4X3  $10.95
 FA-5  $12.95
 FA-5X4  $13.95
 FA-6  $23.95
 FA-6X5  $24.95
 FA-7  $52.95
 FA-7X6  $55.95
 Fame - S  $22.49
 TR-2  $3.95
 TR-3  $3.95
 TR-4  $4.95
 TR-5  $3.95
 TR-6  $3.95
 TR-7  $4.95

Flexflair Fittings Demonstration Video

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Flexflair fittings
Flexflair Fittings
Flexflair Fittings
Flexflair Fittings
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