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TPI-5000A Universal Cable & Connector Kit
TPI-5000A Universal Cable & Connector Kit

TPI-5000A Universal Cables & Connector Kit. Technicians and engineers turn to TPI for their connecting needs. With the TPI-3000A and TPI-5000A kits, technicians can create connections on the spot in seconds.

  • Includes 11 types of connectors for male and female adapters
  • Simply screw on any combination of 35 connectors to any of the six universal interfaces with no soldering or crimping needed
  • Reusable connectors can be used over and over in different combinations to fit and assist customizing the installation
  • Works with universal cables GEX-60 (36″), GEX-48 (48″), and GEX-75 (72″)
  • Connector bodies are silver-plated machine brass with PTFE insulation
  • Hard plastic case protects and organizes the individual pieces


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Click below to view or download product documentation PDFs:

TPI-5000A Data Sheet

$259.95 USA Suggested List Price

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TPI-5000A Specifications
# Part Number Description (M = male, F = female)
1. TPI-3024 Banana plug-Universal Interface Adapter
2. TPI-3025 BNC-Universal Interface “T” Fitting
3. TPI-3026 Terminal-Universal Interface Adapter
4. TPI-3009 SMA Female
5. TPI-3001 Universal Interface
6. TPI-3008 SMA Male
7. TPI-3007 N Female
8. TPI-3006 N Male
9. TPI-3012 UHF Male
10. TPI-3013 UHF Female
11. TPI-3005 F Female
12. TPI-3014 Mini UHF Male
13. TPI-3002 BNC Male
14. TPI-3020 RCA Male
15. TPI-3010 TNC Male
16. TPI-3004 F Male
17. TPI-3015 Mini UHF Female
18. TPI-3003 BNC Female
19. TPI-3021 RCA Female
20. TPI-301a TNC Female

TPI-3000A Universal Connector Kit Introduction

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