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F-Series Coax Cable Assemblies
F-Series Coax Cable Assemblies

F-series coax cable assemblies with screw-on ends for broadband applications, including video and cable television.

  • UL listed cable
  • RG-6
  • Molded ends
  • Screw-on F-type connectors
  • Multiple lengths up to 100 feet
  • Available in black or white
  • Individually bagged

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F-Series Data Sheet

USA Suggested List Pricing
varies by Type and Length.

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F Cables with Screw-on Ends: Used in Broadband Applications

  • UL Listed Cable: Ensures quality and consistency in the cable construction.
  • RG-6: Cable type that is standard in the video and cable TV industry
  • Molded Ends: Limits the amount of bending the cable is exposed to at the connector to prevent cable breakage.
  • Screw-on F-Type Connectors: Ensure positive connection thus eliminating shadows in the picture.

 F-Series Coax Cable Specifications
Conductor Type Copper Clad Steel
Conductor Diameter (mm) 1/1.02
Insulation Type Foam Polyethylene
Insulation Diameter (mm) 4.7
Braided Shielding Type Oxygen Free Copper
Shield Diameter (mm) 16/4/0.12
Jacket Type PVC
Jacket Thickness (mm) 1
Color Black or White
Outer Diameter (mm) 7.2 ±0.2
Tensile Strength 1,500 psi
Nominal Impedance (Ohm) 73
Nominal Capacitance (pF/m) 59
Attenuation 100MHz (db/km) 89
Voltage Rating 3.0kv
UL Standard 1354
F-Series (RG-6) Coax Cable Lengths>
F6-3B 3'
F6-6B 6'
F6-10B 10'
F6-12B 12'
F6-15B 15'
F6-25B 25'
F6-50B 50'
F6-75B 75'
F6-100B 100'
F6-3W 3'
F6-6W 6'
F6-10W 10'
F6-12W 12'
F6-15W 15'
F6-25W 25'
F6-50W 50'
F6-75W 75'
F6-100W 100'
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