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Digital Clamp Meter Amp Plus. The 291 is a hand-held manual ranging clamp digital multimeter, an affordable choice offering measurements in all basic electrical functions.

291 Clamp DMM

The 291 is a hand-held manual ranging clamp DMM. The 291 is an affordable choice offering measurements in all basic electrical functions.

  • Agency UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian Safety Standards. Meets CE and IEC 1010.
  • 4000 Count Improves the resolution on all functions and ranges.
  • Data Hold Maintains the reading on the display for hard to read areas.
  • Peak Mode Measure the inrush current of motors, relays
    and solenoids.
  • Sleep Mode Automatically powers down after 10 minutes of inactivity

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The 291 is a hand-held manual ranging clamp DMM. The 291 is an affordable choice offering measurements in all basic electrical functions.

  • Bar Graph: When measuring frequency, bar graph indicates current level.
  • Peak Mode: For start-up and inrush currents.
  • Sleep Mode: Preserves battery life.
  • Data Hold: Holds the reading on the display for easy viewing.

Additional specifications:

  • 700 Amps AC
  • Measure AC/DC volts, resistance and continuity
  • Peak hold function
  • Data hold
  • CAT III 600 V rated
  • cULus 61010
  • 3-year limited warranty

The 291 comes complete with the following accessories:

  • Carrying Pouch
  • Test Lead Set
  • Instruction Manual
  • Battery

Standard Accessories

  • A009A 9 Volt Alkaline Battery
  • A040 Test Lead Set
  • A200 Soft Carrying Pouch

Optional Accessories

  • SDK1C Deluxe Test Lead Set
  • TLS2000BC IEC 1010 Deluxe Test Lead Kit
  • A201 Hard Carrying Case

 Model 291 Specifications
 Range Selection  Manual
 Display Specifications  4,000 Count
 Basic Features  AC Volts
 DC Volts
 AC Amps
 Audible Continuity
 Basic DC Accuracy  0.75%
 DC Voltage (maximum)  600V
 Resolution (maximum)  0.001V
 AC Voltage (maximum)  600V
 Resolution (maximum)  0.001V
 AC Amps (maximum)  700A
 Resolution (maximum):  0.01A
 Resistance (maximum)  4KΩ
 Resolution (maximum):  1Ω
 Agency Approval:  CEIEC 1010: CATIII; 600V cULus 61010
 Overall Dimensions:  40mm x 190mm x 65mm
 (1.5in x 7.25in x 2.5in)
 Weight: 315g (11.1oz)

Model 291 Applications

  • Thermocouples in furnaces and gas appliances
  • Heat anticipator current in thermostats
  • Test line and control voltage
  • Compressor winding resistance
  • Contactor and relay coil resistance
  • Motor and compressor startup current
  • Continuity of wiring
  • Measure line current
  • Test continuity of circuit breakers and fuses
  • Measure voltage of direct drive DC motors
  • Measure power supply voltage

Perform the following tests and/or measurements with the 291 and the appropriate function:

DCmV • Thermocouples in furnaces.
ACA • Heat anticipator current in thermostats.
ACV • Line voltage.
ACV or DCV • Control circuit voltage.
OHMS • Compressor winding resistance.
OHMS • Continuity of wiring.
CAP • Motor start and run capacitors.
ACA • Motor and compressor start up current.
Hz • Frequency on controls and line voltage.

ACV • Measure line voltage.
ACA • Measure line current.
OHMS • Continuity of circuit breakers.
DCV • Voltage of direct drive DC motors.
ACA • Start up current of motors, relays,  contactors and transformers

ACV • Measure power supply voltage.
ACA • Measure power supply current.
OHMS • Continuity of circuit breakers and fuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the non-contact voltage feature of the TPI 270 and 275 benefit me?

The non-contact feature of the TPI 270 and 275 allows you to detect live circuits without using the test leads, which enables faster checks for the presence of voltage.

2. Which of the TPI clamp meters will measure temperature?

The 270 and 275 have this feature built in and the 255, 265, and 291 can measure temperature by using the optional A301 or a A312 K-type thermocouple adapters.

3. Which TPI clamp meters can measure DC microamps?

The TPI 270 and 275 has the capability to measure DC microamps by using the test leads. This is very useful for making flame safety control current measurements. The 265 can measure DC microamps with the optional A213 adapter.

4. Does a clamp meter measure anything besides amps?

All TPI clamp meters measure AC/DC volts and resistance. Models are available with temperature, frequency, capacitance, and non-contact voltage detection capability as well as many other features. Various adapters including temperature (A301 or A312), carbon monoxide (A771), and pressure (A620/630) are available. Contact TPI for additional information.

5. Is it possible to measure AC amps on a device that uses a power cord?

Yes, to accomplish this you can use the TPI line splitter (A202). AC amps must be measured by isolating a single wire and the A202 line splitter does this without damaging the power cord.

TPI Model 291 Demonstration Video

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Click below to view or download product documentation PDFs:

Digital Clamp Meter Sheet

291 Manual

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