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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. TPI Presents the UltraVision acoustic imager. Visually identify issues before they become costly.

9050 Outdoor Electrical switch
9050 Outdoor Electrical switch
TPI 9050 UltraVision Industrial Acoustic Imager
9050 Outdoor Electrical switchTPI 9050 UltraVision Industrial Acoustic Imager

The 9050 uses microphone array beam forming technology to acquire sound source distribution data, and collect video images in real time with a high-definition camera. By integrating the sound source distribution data with the video image, the changing sound source is dynamically presented on the display screen.

Quickly and Visually Identify:

  1. Bad Rolling Element Bearings and Lubrication Problems.
  2. Electrical Panel and wiring connection issues.
  3.  Air, Steam, Vacuum, and Gas Leaks with an immediate estimate of the annual cost of the leak.
  • As easy to use as taking a picture
  • Problem Areas – Visually Identified as One Views the Screen
  • Minimal Training
  • The Most Cost Effective Solution that Quickly and Accurately Identifies the Problem Source and Location

$24,995.00 USA Suggested List Price

The TPI 9050 UltraVision Industrial Acoustic Imager supports audible and ultrasonic frequencies.

The 9050 uses microphone array beam forming technology to acquire sound source distribution data, and collect video images in real time with a high-definition camera. By integrating the sound source distribution data with the video image, the changing sound source is dynamically presented on the display screen.

The UltraVision Industrial Acoustic Imager helps you quickly detect potential pressurized gas leaks and vacuum leaks in noisy industrial environments. Used in power systems, it can help you quickly identify potential partial discharge fault points.

The 9050 acoustical imager is made of an aluminum alloy shell, which is strong and durable and can adapt to the complex and changeable working environment.

The UltraVision is simple and convenient to operate and can be used to quickly find faults. Only two parameters need adjustment, the test frequency range and test dynamic range, to meet the vast majority of test requirements.

The 9050 supports camera mode, video mode, and data recording to provide job site is flexibility. The large capacity TF data memory card can be expanded, and test results can be exported and reported quickly.

A 9050 Ultra Vision acoustic imager, also known as an acoustic camera or acoustic imaging device, can offer several benefits when used for mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing purposes. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. **Non-Invasive Inspection:** 9050 Ultra Vision allows for non-destructive and non-invasive inspection of objects, equipment, and structures. This means you can detect issues without having to disassemble or interfere with the system, which can be crucial in manufacturing and maintenance.
  2. **Early Detection of Problems:** 9050 Ultra Vision can identify mechanical, electrical, or manufacturing issues at an early stage, often before they become critical. This early detection can prevent costly breakdowns, downtime, and accidents.
  3. **Localization of Issues:** 9050 Ultra Vision can pinpoint the exact location of problems, such as leaks, cracks, or loose connections. This precision helps maintenance teams target their efforts effectively, reducing repair time and costs.
  4. **Quality Control in Manufacturing:** 9050 Ultra Vision In manufacturing, acoustic imaging can be used for quality control and defect detection. It can identify flaws in products, welds, or assemblies, ensuring that only high-quality items reach the market.
  5. **Electrical Fault Detection:** 9050 Ultra Vision For electrical systems, acoustic imaging can detect problems like partial discharge, corona discharge, and arcing. Identifying these issues early can prevent electrical failures and fires.
  6. **Safety:** 9050 Ultra Vision Portable acoustic imagers are often used in safety assessments to identify potential hazards or structural weaknesses in buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure. This can help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of workers and the public.
  7. **Reduced Downtime:** 9050 Ultra Vision will aid in quickly identifying and addressing issues, portable acoustic imagers can reduce downtime in manufacturing and maintenance operations. This leads to increased productivity and cost savings.
  8. **Data Visualization:** 9050 Ultra Vision Acoustic imaging software provides visual representations of sound waves, making it easier for operators to interpret data. This visual aspect can simplify the analysis of complex systems and facilitate decision-making.
  9. **Versatility:** 9050 Ultra Vision Portable acoustic imager is a versatile tools that can be used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, and electronics. They can adapt to different applications and environments.
  10. **Documentation and Reporting:** 9050 Ultra Vision Acoustic imaging has built-in data storage and reporting features, making it easy to document and share findings with colleagues, supervisors, or regulatory authorities.
  11. **Environmental Benefits:** 9050 Ultra Vision will allow identifying and repairing issues early, acoustic imagers can contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing resource waste and energy consumption.
  12. **Training and Education:** 9050 Ultra Vision Acoustic imagers can also be valuable tool for training and education, helping individuals learn how to identify and address mechanical and electrical issues effectively.

In summary, 9050 Ultra Vision portable acoustic imagers offer numerous advantages for mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing purposes, ranging from early problem detection and increased safety to improved efficiency and reduced downtime. Their versatility and non-invasive nature make them valuable tools in a wide range of industries.


  • Petrochemical – Leak detection of process gases
  • Natural Gas – Detect natural gas and nitrogen leaks
  • Metallurgical Industry – Locate air, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide leaks
  • Power Generation – Find steam, hydrogen, and ammonia leaks
  • Partial Discharge Detection – Test live circuits for partial discharge
  • Automotive – Detect sounds generated irregular vibration
  • Electrical – Detect abnormal circuit noise and vibration from components like capacitors, inductors, and transformers.

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TPI 9050 Product Sheet

TPI 9050 Instruction Manual

9050 Specifications
Microphone array
Microphone array:128 channels MEMS microphone
Effective test bandwidth:2kHz-48kHz
Sound image FOV:62°
Sound image frame rateat least 25 FPS
Test sound pressure level range:30dB-120dB
Leak detection rate:10m 5bar 0.92ml/s
0.5m 5bar 0.55ml/s
Test Distance:0.3m-120m
Camera FOV:62°
Camera focal length:3.04mm fixed focal length
Camera pixel:8 million pixel
Size:7 inch
Touch screen:Capacitive touch screen
Internal storage:about 8G
External storage:expand TF memory card, at least 64G
Data storage format:.jpg picture and .MP4 (video)
Battery capacity:6600mAH@7.2V
Battery life:about 4 h under full load state
Charge:USB Type-C port, USB PD protocol supported
Power consumption:15W for battery charge; 29W for maximum power consumption
Operating environment
Operating environment:-20°C – +50v°C,10% – 95% no condensation
Storage temperature:-20°C – +60°C
Charging temperature:10°C – +45°C
USB 3.0 Type-C USB host port
3.5mm headphone socket
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