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The PGM 100 Single Gas CO Monitor is intrinsically safe, durable, wearable tech designed to detect and warn the user of hazardous levels of carbon monoxide in a working environment.

PGM 100 Single Gas CO Monitor
PGM 100 Single Gas CO Monitor
PGM 100 Single Gas CO Monitor
PGM 100 Single Gas CO Monitor
PGM 100 Single Gas CO Monitor
PGM 100 Single Gas CO MonitorPGM 100 Single Gas CO MonitorPGM 100 Single Gas CO MonitorPGM 100 Single Gas CO MonitorPGM 100 Single Gas CO Monitor
  • One Button Operation
  • Audible Alarm
  • Visual Alarm
  • Vibration Alarm
  • STEL and TWA Alarms
  • Alarm Event Memory
  • Easy Field Calibration
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • 2-Year Operation

$239.95 USA Suggested List Price
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The TPI PGM100 is an exceptionally rugged personal gas monitor. The PGM100 is available in single gas configurations only. Preset alarms provide visual, audible and vibration alerts for low and high alarm conditions.

Built-in “Time Weighted Average” (TWA) and “Short Term Exposure Limit” (STEL) alarms provide even greater margin of safety for the user.

A custom display provides the user with easy to view information including gas
concentration, time remaining in months to sensor replacement, battery low alert and activation of calibration process.


The PGM100 is constructed of durable ABS plastic. The top housing is additionally protected with a shock absorbing material to protect the instrument from the rigors of field use. The front of the instrument has an opening for the sensor and sounder. These are sealed to maintain the integrity of the IP65 rating. Two buttons operate the instrument. The left button is for power while the right is for zeroing and performing calibration.

Multiple LED’s beneath the frosted area create a very bright warning even in bright sunlight. The instrument is mounted using a sturdy suspender clip on the back of the instrument. This instrument cannot be powered off or zeroed when in alarm mode.

All sensors and batteries are designed for 2 years of continuous normal use. The on-board memory will store up to 100 events or alarm conditions. These can be downloaded through the use of SCal-100 with SmartLink Software. Oldest events are over-written automatically when the maximum is reached.

The PGM100 has two basic styles of alarm. Low Alarms activate at two second intervals while High Alarms activate at one second intervals.

The sound, LEDs and vibrating motor are sequenced during alarms. The alarm settings are controlled during the set-up of the product. All instruments are preset for the standards that need to be adhered for various locations and needs.


Type Low High TWA STEL
CO 50 200 50 75


Turn the instrument on and wait for the working display to illuminate. Apply an approved concentration of gas to the sensor area using the PGM100 calibration adapter. The flow should be 200-400 cc/min. The alarm should occur in less than 20 seconds.

To verify the operation of this product this test should be done prior to each day’s use. Failure to pass this test may indicate a product failure or the need for calibration.

 Model PGM100 Specifications
Sensor Type: CO
Resolution: 1ppm
Range: 0-999
Duty Cycle Continuous
Response Time T90 < 30 seconds
Alarms Sound: 90 Db @ 12″ (30cm)
Sight: Display Alerts 270° viewable LEDs
Touch: Vibration
Size 3.81″ x 2.31″ x 0.8″ (9.67 x 5.87 x 2 cm)
Weight 3.6 oz. (105 g)
Environmental Operating Temp: -4 to 104 F (-20 to 40° C)
Humidity: 15-90% RH (Non-condensing)
Construction Environmental resistance IP65
Impact resistant rubberized housing
Durable belt clip
Approvals UL 913
Intrinsically Safe
Class 1, Groups A, B, C, & D
Temp code: T4
Power Source 3.6V Lithium Battery
Battery Life 2+ Years

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