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The TPI 379 Forehead Thermometer uses infrared technology to measure forehead temperatures without the need for direct physical contact. Non-contact infrared technology allows the user to quickly and accurately screen people for temperature change while reducing the chance of spreading disease.

379 Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer
  • Keep your workers & customers safe.
  • Color-coded back light (green – yellow – red) based on measured temperature
  • No touch. Measurement distance: 0.4 to 1.6” (1 to 4cm)
  • Surface temperature mode range: 32.0°F to 212°F (0°C to 100°C)
  • Fast, one-second sample time
  • Memory stores up to 50 readings
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

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Taking a Body Temperature Measurement

Body Temperature Measurement Considerations

  • Allow the 379 to acclimate to the ambient temperature for 30 minutes prior to performing a measurement.
  • Wait 10 to 20 minutes after vigorous activity before taking a forehead measurement.
  • Avoid contact with skin to prevent disease transmission.

Body Temperature Measurement

  1. Press and release the on/off trigger. The 379 will display the last measurement made. “Body” will be displayed in the top left corner of the LCD to indicate the 379 is in body temperature measurement mode. This is the default start mode for the 379.
  2. Make sure the forehead is dry and no hair interferes with the thermometer. Point the 379 toward the surface of the forehead. Hold the thermometer 0.75” to 1.2” (2cm to 3cm) away from the forehead and press the trigger. NOTE: An alternate location of measurement is behind the earlobe and not the temple. Under the earlobe should only be used if the forehead is wet or obstructed.
  3. The 379 will beep to indicate the reading has been taken. The measurement can be seen on the display. The backlight will change color depending on the temperature measured. Taking several readings at the same location can be used to verify results.
379 Specifications
Sensor TypeNon-Contact Infrared
Measurement RangeBody Mode: 89.6°F to 108.5°F (32°C to 42.5°C)
Surface Mode: 32°F to 212°F (0°C to 100°C)
AccuracyBody Mode: +/- 0.4°F (89.6°F to 108.5°)
Surface Mode: +/-5°F (+/-3°C)
Measurement Distance0.4” to 1.6” (1cm to 4cm)
Sampling time1 second
Operating Temp / Humidity60.8°F to 104°F (16°C to 40°C) at
Storage Temp / Humidity5°F to 122°F (-15°C to 50°C) at less than 95% RH
Memory50 memory locations
Power9V / 6LR61 ALKALINE

Product Documentation

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379 Data Sheet

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Note: Body temperature IR thermometers are intended as screening devices to detect elevated body temperatures. They are not a replacement for a clinical thermometer. An IR body temperature thermometer should not be used as the only device to determine a person’s body temperature. Additional medical devices and healthcare professionals are needed to access and diagnose a person’s health.

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