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The TPI 376 thermometer is two instruments in one, and allows you to measure hard-to-reach, sensitive, or moving target temperatures.

The 376 is a non-contact temperature tester with laser sighting to confirm your target. It is easy to use and fits comfortably in your hand. It is also a contact temperature tester, with built in K-type thermocouple inputs for optional contact temperature measurement.

  • TRIGGER: Squeeze the trigger to turn the instrument on. Release the trigger and the last reading is held on the display for approximately 7 seconds.
  • SEL: Toggles on and off the laser, backlight and K-type thermocouple measurement functions of instrument.
  • LOCK: This locks the power on and is indicated by the word LOCK on the LCD. You can release the trigger and the instrument remains on. Pushing the LOCK button once more deactivates the lock feature and the unit will turn off after 10 seconds.
  • °F/°C: This button allows you to view the reading in Fahrenheit of Celsius. The thermometer will power on in the unit of measurement last set when the thermometer automatically powered off.
  • E: This button allows the user to adjust the emissivity setting of the instrument (refer to chart on page ).
  • REC: This button activates the record function to store minimum and maximum temperatures

$169.95 USA Suggested List Price

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376 Manual

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