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Compact easy to use thermometer with large display and auto power off. Auto field calibrate to ±2˚F in less than 10 seconds using ice water.

306C Pocket Digital Thermometer
  • 306C includes the A306 protective boot
  • Easy-to-read LCD
  • Field calibrate to +/- 2°F
  • Data hold
  • Penetration tip
  • Auto off
  • Temperature range -58°F to 300°F

USA Suggested List Price
Digi-Key Electronics
306C Operating Instructions
To use the 306 remove the protective sheath, press the ON/DH (Data Hold) button and insert at least 1/2” of the stem into the testing area. Push the ON/DH button a second time and the temperature reading will automatically be held on the LCD display. “°F” (°C) will blink when DH is in operation. Pressing the ON/DH button a third time will return the 306 to normal operation. To save battery life, the 306 will automatically turn off after approximately 35 minutes.
Note: When turning the 306 on, the LCD will display the last reading before turning off for 2 seconds. Then it will display the current temperature.

Get more accurate readings by using the right tip for your thermometer:

  • Penetration: Use for immersion and air; air response time will be slower than if using anactual air probe.
  • Chisel: Need chisel tip for surface temperatures. Penetration and/or air tips will not givean accurate surface reading.
  • Air: Samples air temperatures three times faster than penetration or contact tips.
  • Contact: Measures three times faster than chisel tip.
 Model 306C Specifications
 Temperature Range  -40°F to 300°F
 Accuracy  +/-2°F
 Resolution  0.1°F
 Sample Rate  1 reading every 1.5 second
 Stem Length  4.9"
 Tip Type  Penetration
 Water Resistant  Yes
 Water Proof  N/A
 °C / °F Selectable  No
 Data Hold  Yes
 Auto Off  Yes
 Battery Type  LR44

TPI Pocket Thermometers Demonstration Video

Model 306C Applications

  • Ambient air
  • Calibrate thermostats
  • Vents
  • Compressor heads
  • Registers
  • Grill and surface temperatures
  • Serving temperatures

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check calibration of my pocket thermometer?

Place thermometer in a solution of crushed ice and water, swirl the water around and temperature should read close to 32°F.

Does the whole stem need to be immersed to get an accurate reading?

The sensor is in the tip of the probe and needs to be 1/2 inch into whatever you are measuring.

What battery does my pocket thermometer use?

The LR44 button battery is used in TPI pocket digital thermometers.

Product Documentationpdf-icon1

Click below to view or download product documentation PDFs:

306 Manual                    306 & 306XC Instructions

306c Data Sheet            306C Field Calibration

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