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810 Fiber Optic Inspection Tool. Use the 810 to perform non-invasive visual inspections of equipment including heat exchangers.

810 Fiber Optic Inspection Tool
810 Fiber Optic Inspection Tool
  • Small 0.26 inch tip diameter
  • Hi-resolution 8,000 pixel image offers enhanced vision and clarity
  • Obedient wand maintains position after adjustment and protects fiber optic bundle
  • Sealed tip for use in non-corrosive liquids
  • Super bright LED flashlight light source provides longer battery life
  • Detect refrigerant dye with optional A813 blue light source

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The 810 is a fiber optic inspection tool used to look in confined or internal constricted areas previously deemed inaccessible. The 810 has a built-in LED light source for illuminating the viewing area and a 45 degree mirror for looking at sides and walls. Is is easy to use and fits comfortably in your hand.


 Model 810 Specifications
 Optical system  Pixels: 8,000
 Field of view: 45°
 Depth of observation: 1 in to 6 in (25mm to 150mm)
 Tip diameter: 0.26” (6.6mm)
 Side View Adapter  Pixels: 8,000
 Viewing angle 90°
 Field of view 45°
 Depth of observation 1 in to 6 in (25mm to 150mm)
 Tip diameter 0.35” (9mm)
 Minimum focus distance  1” (25mm)
 Maximum bend radius/td>  4” (100mm)
 Shaft diameter  0.39” in (1.0mm)
 Working length  48” (1,220mm)
 Overall length  52” (1,320mm)
 Net weight  0.79 lb (360g)
 Operating temperature  50°F to 140°F (10° to 60°C)


  • Perform non-invasive inspections of heat exchangers
  • Examine heating and cooling ductwork integrity
  • Check for blocked evaporator coils in air conditioning equipment
  • Inspect boilers without costly disassembly
  • Look inside oil burning furnaces for igniter components
  • Use to show customers visual evidence of a cracked heat exchanger


  • Inspect the integrity of weld in pipes and tanks
  • Examine gear and bearing surfaces without equipment disassembly
  • Perform motor inspection and diagnostics


  • Check the quality of pipes and ducts
  • Inspect wire integrity and placement
  • Look inside walls and crawl spaces
  • View insulation in walls or attics

Using the TPI 810 Side View Adapter

When using the 810 to see inside of objects that do not allow for bends in the gooseneck, use the side view adapter to obtain a complete view. The adapter will allow the 810 to see at 90 degrees from center with a 45 degree field of view.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the 810 to check for UV dye?
Yes, by using the optional A813 blue light source the 810 can be used to detect UV dye.

810 Fiber Optic Inspection Tool Introduction Video

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Click below to view or download product documentation PDFs:

810 Manual

810 Data Sheet

810 Fiber Optic Inspection Tool Cable
810 Fiber Optic Inspection Tool Case
810 Fiber Optic Inspection Tool
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